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Immerse yourself in a tale of competition and legacy with the SB Dunk Low "Rivals Pack East". This offering from Nike's iconic SB Dunk line pays homage to the fierce rivalries that define the East Coast, capturing its spirit and energy in every stitch and overlay.

SIZE: 12

CONDITION: Worn (A lot of life left)

INCLUDES: Box (no lid), original receipt

Drawing inspiration from the pulsating heart of East Coast streets, this sneaker showcases a palette that resonates with the urban vibes of the region. Its muted tones contrasted with sharp, vibrant bursts symbolize the dynamic blend of tradition and modernity found on the eastern seaboard.

But the "Rivals Pack East" isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s a testament to the SB Dunk’s longstanding commitment to functionality. Tailored for skateboarders, it boasts a padded tongue and collar, ensuring a snug fit, combined with a grippy outsole that promises precision with every move. Whether you're at the skate park or navigating the city streets, this sneaker is your trusty companion.

Exclusively available on, the SB Dunk Low "Rivals Pack East" isn't merely a piece of footwear. It's a statement. It tells a story of battles fought on basketball courts, of skateboarding showdowns on city streets, and of musical duels in underground venues.

Step into a world where passion meets performance, where rivalry breeds creativity, and where every challenge is met head-on. The SB Dunk Low "Rivals Pack East" is more than a sneaker; it’s an emblem of East Coast pride. Join the legacy, feel the rivalry, and wear your allegiance on your feet. Add this unparalleled piece to your collection and walk the path of East Coast legends. Secure your pair today.

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