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Introducing the SB Dunk Low "35mm Grey" – where photography meets the world of iconic skateboarding footwear. This unique iteration of the beloved Dunk Low silhouette is inspired by the rawness and artistry of analog photography, encapsulating a blend of nostalgia and contemporary style.

SIZE: 12


INCLUDES: Box and OG All

Dressed in a sophisticated shade of grey, the sneaker mirrors the monochromatic theme of old-school film photography. The nuanced grainy texture is reminiscent of photographs developed in darkrooms, giving it a touch of vintage charm. Delicate hits of black add contrast, akin to the shadows in a grayscale image, elevating its visual appeal.

But the "35mm Grey" is not just about aesthetics. As with all SB Dunks, functionality is at its core. Designed keeping in mind the rigorous demands of skateboarding, it boasts a padded tongue for superior comfort, a reinforced toe cap for durability, and a flexible sole that guarantees optimal board feel. Whether you're executing a trick or simply walking the streets, this sneaker promises performance without compromising on style.

Exclusively showcased on, the SB Dunk Low "35mm Grey" is a must-have for both sneaker enthusiasts and photography aficionados. Its unique theme bridges two different passions, making it a standout piece in any collection.

Experience a snapshot of the past with a contemporary twist with the SB Dunk Low "35mm Grey". It's more than just a sneaker; it's a canvas that tells a story of analog memories and skateboarding adventures. Dive into a world where every detail, every shade, and every texture captures a moment frozen in time. Don't let this limited edition slip through your fingers. Capture the essence of 35mm in every step – secure your pair today.

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