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Step into a world where daring design meets iconic heritage with the SB Dunk High "Reverse Skunk". A tantalizing twist on the legendary "Skunk" Dunk, this iteration flips the script, offering a fresh perspective on a beloved classic while paying homage to the 420-inspired original.

SIZE: 12


INCLUDES: Box, OG all, Autographed picture, key chain

The "Reverse Skunk" tantalizes with its vibrant color gradient, transitioning from deep purple to lush green, mirroring the hues of its namesake herb. The suede upper, rich and tactile, adds a luxurious feel to the design, while the distinctive, contrasting patterns breathe life and personality into every inch of this masterpiece.

But the "Reverse Skunk" isn't just about turning heads. Rooted in the SB Dunk lineage, it promises unmatched comfort and performance. Whether you're showcasing your tricks on the skatepark or cruising the urban landscape, this sneaker's cushioned insole and robust design ensure every move is supported and every step, sublime.

Special touches, like the embroidered number on the heel indicating its limited-edition status, and the custom insole graphics, elevate the "Reverse Skunk" from mere footwear to a coveted collector's item. It's a bold statement, a nod to skate culture, and a testament to daring design all rolled into one.

Now, exclusively on, the SB Dunk High "Reverse Skunk" beckons the sneaker enthusiasts and the trailblazers. With its limited release and undeniable allure, this is a sneaker for those who dare to defy, to reimagine, and to stand out. Dive into the legacy, embrace the "Reverse" magic, and let your footwear do the talking. Secure your pair and redefine sneaker storytelling.


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